My thoughts on school

Radio silence the past week owing to tons of projects. 2 down (marketing; accounting information systems), 2 to go (managerial accounting; management information systems). I have to admit though that projects can be a whole lot of fun if you’re with the right people. Maybe I’m unconsciously making a comparison with military and working life, but university has been wonderful. There’s so much less of the ugly stuff  I used to have to deal with. I’d probably choose to stay in school for a long, long time if I had my way.

That said, I dislike tests and exams just as much as anyone else. It can be great fun to learn, but not when scoring marks becomes the focus. Some of the school’s policies baffle me, such as not returning marked scripts and question papers after the exams. How effective can learning be if we’re denied the opportunity to learn from our mistakes?


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