Ok, I was initially a little skeptical about the concept, especially since I have no use for games.

Nonetheless I’ve fallen prey to the confirmation bias. I’ve finally thought of a reason to get the iPad: iWork. Don’t you agree it’s a fun and sensible way to view your lecture notes? There’s Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

iBooks is a big plus too, but I guess substituting the iPad for your textbooks isn’t about to happen any time soon:

In unveiling its new iBook application and iBookstore for the iPad, Apple highlighted a number of publishers with which it has content agreements. But those deals, for now, are U.S.-only, and one glaring omission stood out from the list: McGraw-Hill.

Nobelist Gary Becker’s comment on how the economics of the e-book industry might change as a result of the iPad:

Mysteries, beach-reading books, biographies, and other books with a general appeal that are read while traveling or on holidays are most suitable for e-readers. Why pay more to buy hard copies of such books when it is far more convenient to carry many books around in a digital form? Less attractive for e-readers are more technical books, such as books on economic theory or mathematics, where it is frequently necessary to go back and forth between earlier and later discussions. These books are much less likely to be popular in e-book form than the less technical and quick-read books.

I’d like to add that textbook material on the iPad will be a deal sweetener for university students. Think about all the times you’ve had to lug the textbook to school just to refer to a certain page for tutorial questions.

Unfortunately, these aside, I have absolutely no use for the iPad.


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