Awfully Chocolate

I’ve always wondered about the lack of dark chocolate ice cream. If you too are a dark chocolate fan, please try Awfully Chocolate’s Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. It’s heavenly! Because it’s really really good dark chocolate, I rate this over Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs.

A single scoop is only $3.80 and they are really generous with the servings. Here’s the picture and description on the website (take note of the very important last line):

Awfully Chocolate is our super premium dark chocolate ice cream made with natural ingredients.

It contains a blend of our own chocolate and Belgian dark chocolate (min. 70% cocoa solids), real eggs, fresh milk and pure cream. The low air content makes the ice cream very rich and dense, and it has less sugar than most other premium ice creams.

is manufactured by us in Singapore and in certain territories, for us by carefully selected contract manufacturers. It is full of flavour and is perhaps the darkest chocolate ice cream around.


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